pahlmeyer winery

Location: Napa, California
Client & Developer: Jayson Pahlmeyer
Architect: Michael Guthrie & Co.
Builder: Grassi Construction

Riechers Spence & Associates was retained to construct a winery process waste system to serve a 20,000 gallon per year winery on 4541 Monticello Road.

The owner of this project needed to vest the Use Permit in less than 3 months by constructing a wastewater treatment system. We prepared a winery wastewater design plans using a specific rapid pretreatment system manufacturer. Unfortunately, the company folded so we redesigned the winery wastewater plans using a different rapid pretreatment system at no additional cost to the owner. RSA submitted and obtained approval for our plans for construction and the equipment was ordered in time to install. The site did not provide enough leach field for underground disposal of the winery wastewater. Thus, we recommended a rapid pretreatment system that treats winery wastewater so that it can be used for irrigation on the vineyards. This allowed the site to reduce their dependence on well water for site irrigation of the vineyards.